Advanced microcontroller-based smart irrigation system

microcontroller based smart irrigation system


Design engineering is a very innovative approach towards new Innovations and shaping new solutions to the existing problems. Design engineering gives an opportunity to young minds to think logically, and present their ideas and implement it in the real world.

Design engineering motivates young engineers to create their startups. These startups can be helpful in creating revenue and employments in future.

In Design Engineering students of various fields come across different learning tools. They learn to use new devices. They also learn through different research papers and online data.

Team building is very important aspect of Design Engineering which helps the team members to understand each and share their ideas for new innovations. Log book exercises are very helpful in day to day work.

Block Diagram of Project

Working of Project

Most of the villages have the electricity and the water problem in the farm. So our project is based on the moisture and water of the land around areas. We will be parted the land In different different sectors and each of the sector have two soil moisture sensors to be sense the moisture around the  sector of land and inform about it to the farmer using GSM call or the message.

In the project the different types of Modes in system related to the framings. So the farmer easily can choose the mode of the farming in the system. When the water and electricity is available and the sector land requires the water the motor and the solenoid valve is automatically on. and in the last of the sector sensor will sense the moisture and send the message to the system and system will turn off the the solenoid valve and the last sector is completed the motor is automatically turn off and send the message to the farmer.


i)   Power saving

ii)   Reduce human power

iii)  Echo friendly

iv)  Water saving

v)    Increase fertility of land

vi)   Easy to operates

vii)  Compact design system

vii)  Different types of farming modes


  1.  Water pipe cost
  2. Installation charge

Application of project

Project is only used in the farms

Mind Mapping


By Creating Ideation Canvas we can learn about the people who will use this project. It also helps us in finding the possible solutions the project will give. It also tells the user about the situations in which they can use the project.

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