What is “C” Programming

Before we can start writing serious C programs, it would be interesting to find out what C really is, how it came about, and how it compares to other computer languages. In this chapter we will briefly present these issues. Four important aspects of any language are how it stores data, how it operates on … Read more


ABSTRACT Wall Follower is one of the biggest and one of the important idea of robotics. A Wall Following is an autonomous robot which detects the wall and decides what to do after it. It is designed to move automatically and follows the plot line. The robot uses  several  sensors to identify the wall thus … Read more

Electronic Code Lock Circuit Using 555 Timer IC

Digital code locks are very popular in electronics, where you have to enter a certain “code” to open Lock. This type of Lock requires a Microcontroller to compare the entered code with the predefined code to open the Lock. We have already built these types of digital locks using Arduino, using Raspberry PI and using … Read more

Wirless energy meter reading using GSM & Arduino

ABSTRACT The development of a ” Wirless Energy Meter Reading using GSM & Arduino system”is presented in this paper. This system consists of GSM digital power meter installed in every consumer unit. A GSM modem is connected to the energy meter. Each modem will be having its own SIM. The SIM card used is implemented … Read more

Advanced microcontroller-based smart irrigation system

Introduction Design engineering is a very innovative approach towards new Innovations and shaping new solutions to the existing problems. Design engineering gives an opportunity to young minds to think logically, and present their ideas and implement it in the real world. Design engineering motivates young engineers to create their startups. These startups can be helpful … Read more