Getting Started with “C”

Communicating with a computer involves speaking the language the computer understands, which immediately excludes English as the language of communication with the computer. However, there is a close similarity between learning English and learning C. The classic method of learning English is to first learn the alphabets used in the language, then to learn how … Read more

What is “C” Programming

Before we can start writing serious C programs, it would be interesting to find out what C really is, how it came about, and how it compares to other computer languages. In this chapter we will briefly present these issues. Four important aspects of any language are how it stores data, how it operates on … Read more

Thyristor (SCRs) Commutation Techniques

Thyristor Commutation Techniques Most of the converter equipment and switch-mode power supplies use power electronics components like SCRs, MOSFET and other power semiconductor devices for high frequency switching operations at high-power ratings. Consider the SCRs that we use very frequently as bistable switches in several applications. These SCRs use switches needed to be switched on and … Read more