Temperature controlled fan using AVR Microcontroller (ATMega16)

Introduction: You may have seen so many applications of temperature control and indicators using different micro-controllers, microprocessors or other control devices. But what is the actual use of these temperature regulators is presented here. It controls the fan speed continuously, as the temperature varies. It is not a simple ON-OFF type control that activates the … Read more

Frequency Measurement and Pulse Width Measurement using Microcontroller (AT89C51)

Frequency Measurement Pulse Width Measurement using Microcontroller and Circuit designers and developers need different measuring equipment, such as digital multimeter, CRO, DSO, frequency counter, logic analyzer, etc. to test their circuits. When designing any PWM oscillator or generator or have generated any waveform, it is necessary to measure either the frequency or the time period. … Read more

Light tracker using LDR, stepper motor and AVR microcontroller

Introduction: Electricity is the most necessary and important element of human life. We cannot imagine daily life without electricity. Electricity is generated using conventional (coal, diesel) and unconventional (water, wind, sunlight) energy sources. The latest and most recent trend is to generate electricity from solar energy. The solar panel (consisting of photovoltaic solar cells) converts … Read more


ABSTRACT Wall Follower is one of the biggest and one of the important idea of robotics. A Wall Following is an autonomous robot which detects the wall and decides what to do after it. It is designed to move automatically and follows the plot line. The robot uses  several  sensors to identify the wall thus … Read more

Wirless energy meter reading using GSM & Arduino

ABSTRACT The development of a ” Wirless Energy Meter Reading using GSM & Arduino system”is presented in this paper. This system consists of GSM digital power meter installed in every consumer unit. A GSM modem is connected to the energy meter. Each modem will be having its own SIM. The SIM card used is implemented … Read more